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this is not orignal work at all.

nice idea

nice idea, but i suggest a camera tripod when you are taking the pictures so it looks less "blair witchy"

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I love the trumpet audio!! :P The flash was really really clean, really well timed, so it didnt feel like reading from a script, the best part, the last line, ah Sh** lol i cracked up!! Good work

MyKindOfFlash responds:

You totally got it! I like it when people enjoy the bits I wanted them to! Makes me feel like I've met my goal. Thanks for reviewing!

not bad

If you hadnt had the profile picture showing your work in flash I might have thought this was stolen right from south park. Good job.


The voice was funny but kinda had a weird reverb alien noise behind it (maybe a better mic or program would rock it)
HILLARIOUS!!! Keep up the good work , I would totally buy that razor!! BLADES INSIDE BLADES INSIDE BLADES INSIDE BLADES!!

not bad

Good job matching up the lips, and it was a pretty funny loop especially after like the 30th time I heard oh so it is! :D For whatever reason though there is a buzzing noise in the recorded audio, try and clean it up next time. Good job dude.

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gabelossus responds:

Yeah I started using a better microphone

not a game

misfiled- not a game at all, just a screetching black and white flash loop

TheCinosure responds:

i'm sorry, that's my fault.^^' i changed category to movie instead of game.


I like the point of embedding from newgrounds, but there should be a filter. otherwise youtube would get loaded out with I dunno, kitty krew crap bringing down the otherwise good name of newgrounds.

SamGreen responds:

That is a good point. Though we do have the blam feature here. What ever is 'too shiate' will get removed.

Also the new website design should resolve the issue of adult content warnings too. I've said too much!


i want like another 30 episodes RIGHT meow. this was REALLY well done. the graphics were clean, the audio was clean, the music was fitting (And not too loud or quiet). it was absolutly funny. you sure. all my 5 are belong to you.


OK so first i was like WTF is this, thinking it was a more sophisticated Pube Muppet, but then after a few seconds I couldnt help but smile, after a few more I was laughing to myself. The only thing I could recommend is maybe a screen in front of the microphone. At times it distorted the audio quality to white noise. Other than that, good job.

is it wrong to be sadistic?

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